What is WhatsApp Business for?

If you have a small or medium-sized business, you probably use WhatsApp as your main means of communication. Whether it’s customer service or internal team management, the fact is that Meta’s messaging app is used by 93.4% of Brazilians alone, according to a 2023 survey by We Are Social. This data reflects the enormous influence of the country’s most popular social network, which has become part of commercial relationships in almost every industry. With this growing and lucrative trend in mind, the American technology giant launched a version of the app in January 2018, specifically aimed at this purpose. But what exactly is WhatsApp Business for?

If you’ve never used the corporate version of WhatsApp, now is the time to take control of the future of your business and further solidify customer loyalty. In this article, we will explore the main reasons why you, as a business owner, should jump on the wave of this powerful marketing tool, providing you with tips on how to use it effectively in your daily operations.

What is WhatsApp Business for?

So, what makes it an essential tool in the relationship between a company and its customers? Well, besides the fact that the vast majority of the world’s population uses it daily, the app serves as an accessible entry point for your services and products, spreading the name of your brand organically and, above all, professionally.

WhatsApp Business is the bridge between Facebook and Instagram – the center point.

“But why professional?” you might ask. Shouldn’t a social messaging app be seen as something informal?

It is precisely this perception that WhatsApp Business aims to overcome. As mentioned, this version is geared towards business purposes, which means that the first impression your customer will have of your company is the best of all, considering all the factors that influence someone to buy or consume something. By transforming a regular phone number into a WhatsApp business account, the image conveyed to your contacts will carry credibility, trust, and officiality.

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Below, we’ve highlighted the key features of WhatsApp Business, explaining the special functionalities that set it apart from the normal version of the app. Take a look:

Physical and Virtual Business Location

In addition to the traditional profile picture – you already know the impact of a good visual identity – you can add extremely relevant information to a business account, such as the complete address, business hours, industry segment, link to the official website, and even an email for contact. The simplicity of the customer finding everything in one place, without having to search for additional information on the internet, highlights your company’s consideration and care in a highly competitive market.

Product Catalog

You may have seen this before – when chatting with a corporate number, you can sometimes see photos of the location, as well as the products and services offered. With WhatsApp Business, you can create individual items in a catalog, including prices, descriptions, and links to guide the consumer, almost like a shopping cart. This streamlines sales and saves time by avoiding redundant questions about an offer.

Automated Messages

Also known as chatbots, absence messages, and greeting messages are classic examples of anti-vacuum features. No one likes to be left hanging or ignored, but unfortunately, attendants also get busy and can’t handle all demands at once. To address the issue of waiting queues, the platform allows you to create personalized messages delivered during or outside business hours, updating the customer on their status at any time of the day.

Quick Responses by Shortcut

Similar to automated messages, the ability to enable quick responses by shortcut is also present here. You know when a new customer always asks the same question as the previous one? Well, by typing “/”, you can select a shortcut for a predefined message with any content you desire. The complete text of what you want to say will appear on the screen instantly, so you can send it to keep everything flowing without wasting time.

Labels to Organize Conversations

Users of this platform can tag conversations with colored labels, categorizing them as urgent, preferred, new, old, and so on. This sorting allows better organization of demands as they are created, thus avoiding the loss of important conversations in the sea of information.

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Message Statistics

Data reports are another strong point of WhatsApp Business. With simple clicks in the user interface, the business owner can know the performance and result of all conversations in a given period, checking how many were sent, read, and delivered. When combined with paid traffic campaigns, identifying marketing strategies that resonate with your target audience and persona will be the easiest thing in the world – as you will have access to metrics and statistics that separate what works from what doesn’t.

Contact Button in Ads

And speaking of paid traffic, ads are essential parts of any brand’s advertising – especially for large businesses that can leverage Meta’s platform integration to reach larger audiences on Facebook and Instagram. On these social networks, an ad can be displayed with a button that leads directly to the company’s communication channel, saving even more time for both parties.

So, what is WhatsApp Business for?

As you can see, WhatsApp Business serves various essential functions for the infrastructure of a corporation, particularly one that is still growing. By investing in this accessible form of communication with the public, you can better organize your business and set service standards in your quality pattern.

However, we cannot ignore some not-so-favorable details about WhatsApp Business – things that, as a business owner, you should be aware of to provide the best experience to your contacts.

A clear example is the reach of system interconnectivity. The Meta platform only allows five users to connect at the same time, meaning that only five attendants (one on mobile, four on desktop) can be in service simultaneously. Additionally, the limit of contacts in broadcast lists is 256 people – so as your business gains more customers, you will need to invest in other ways to communicate with the mass of your target audience.

At the end of the day, our most valuable tip is to never depend entirely on WhatsApp Business to conduct your operations. After all, if your business starts to grow significantly, there will be other opportunities to bring profit and loyalty to your table, involving marketing methods on other social networks – such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and Instagram.

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Always count on Laços Agency to keep your audience close and engaged in your activities. WhatsApp Marketing is the best way to maintain a good relationship with your company’s customers and become unforgettable in the digital world, spreading your influence simply and professionally through a platform that everyone uses.

If you have any doubts or difficulties implementing this system into your business, don’t worry – contact us today to speak with an expert who understands the subject. We will help you use this tool to your advantage and make it as profitable as possible!

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